Chagas Disease Prize Fund (CDPP)


The Chagas Disease Prize Fund was a proposal to the WHO made in 2009 by Bangladesh, Barbados, Bolivia and Suriname.1

The proposal envisaged three kinds of prize to be awarded by the fund:

The Prize fund would also operate a patent pool which any prize recipients would be mandated to join.

The Prize fund would be funded by governments and donors. \$250m was proposed as a figure for the fund. The prize would be held by the WHO or Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO), and selection would be carried out by an expert committee.

In 2008 an earlier similar proposal was made by Barbados and Bolivia to the Innovation and Intellectual Property (IGWG).2



Scope: This prize fund targets Chagas Disease Prize Fund only, which is a neglected disease. The fund would apply internationally, and would reward various stages of research.

Access: Through the patent pool mechanism, the Chagas Disease Prize Fund would increase competition and lower drug prices. Distribution is incentivised by making health impact a determinant of funds received, and by requiring drug entries to be available on developing markets.

Innovation: Some positive impact is mandatory for the receipt of the prize, and where more than one entry qualifies, the money will be distributed according to health impact. Incentives for the main prize are thus reasonably linked to health impact.

Efficiency: AT \$250m, the fund would require considerable investment. The fund would be market-based to the extent that competition would be incentivised in manufacture.

Governability: The fund makes use of existing international governance structures, but would also require the creation of a specialist committee The selection procedures would need to be robust against political interference.

Political Feasibility: Nothing came of the Chagas Fund proposal. This may be because international agreement is difficult to achieve, or because the proposal offers no material benefits to the citizens of wealthy nations.

Relation to other proposals



Political strategy


The proposal: “Chagas Disease Prize Fund for the Development of New Treatments, Diagnostics and Vaccines.” PROPOSAL by Bangladesh, Barbados, Bolivia and Suriname, 2009.

Earlier proposal: Barbados and Bolivia. “Prize for the Development of New Treatments for Chagas Disease,” n.d.

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