GAVI Alliance


GAVI is a public private partnership for the procurement and distribution of vaccines.1 It pools donor funds, money raised by IFFIm (International Finance Facility for Immunisation) via donor-backed bonds, and developing country contributions, and then uses this money to purchase and deliver vaccines.2

GAVI represents over 60 developing countries, and acts to pool their demand and represent this to drugs companies. This incentivises drugs companies to develop vaccines. GAVI then funds the purchase and delivery of these vaccines by developing country actors.3



Scope: GAVI covers vaccines only, and does not directly fund R&D.

Access: GAVI increases access via funding the purchase and distribution of drugs. This also incentivises distribution.

Innovation: Incentives are not directly linked to health impact, although GAVI countries are developing economies and so it is likely that GAVI does have a positive impact through incentivising otherwise neglected research.

Efficiency: GAVI is funded by donors and by money raised on the capital markets, and so is fairly efficient. GAVI does not have in-country staff or manage the delivery of vaccines itself.4 This makes it more cost-effective as it avoids duplication. GAVI’s funding model is not market-based, in that it does not create competition in manufacture and sale.

Governability: GAVI requires a governance system to prioritise between vaccines.

Political Feasibility: GAVI has wide political support.

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